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A-Bomb (Castaways).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Rick Jones
Alias Major Bummer
Age 24
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Castaways #40


Home Reality[]

After his adventures with the Hulk, Rick joined the army and became a general. However, during his adventures he had been exposed to a different kind of gamma radiation, emitted by the Hulk. He mutated into A-Bomb and used his powers to assist the army.


A-Bomb joined the Castaways after Deadpool died. He was much like Captain America and did not get along with the other Castaways.

His first mission was on a reality where the entire world was magical. Everyone used sorcery and their mission was to get the Dark Wizard, Victor von Doom, onto the throne. A-Bomb took advantage of the wording and simply threw Doom onto Stephen Strange's throne.

Other Missions[]