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Vital statistics
Real name Emil Blonskey
Alias A-Bomb
Age 35
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Hulk #5"


Early Life[]

When Emil was a child he was bullied by the kids that were bigger than him. One day, he stole his father's gun and shot one of the kids that was mean to him. He then framed his father for the murder. Emil then grew up to go to college, but he left after his second year to join the army.


Emil was respected highly in the army. He saved the lives of several people, including General Thaddeus Ross.


After the Hulk made his public debut, the army tried to make their own Hulk, and Emil volunteered. The serum turned him into a monster and he was unable to change back. It also made him lose his sanity. He killed several scientists in the lab and he broke out. He wreaked havoc in a small city, posing as the Hulk. The Real Hulk eventually found him and they battled, Hulk coming out on top.

The Cube[]

Abomination was taken to the prison for gamma-irradiated beings, the Cube. It wasn't long until his anger got the best of him and he broke out in a fury.

Teaming up with the Leader[]

During his breakout, the Leader convinced him to free him to. Abomination did as he was told and the two of them escaped from the Cube. They then began working together continuously in order to kill the Hulk.