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Absorbing Man
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Vital statistics
Real name Carl Creel
Alias Wrecking Ball Man
Age 31
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Hulk #10"


Early Life[]

When Carl was a child, his mother died after giving birth to him. His father was a drinker, so he tended to be abusive. During one of his beatings, Carl's father accidentally killed his sister. He was arrested, and Carl was sent to an orphanage.


Carl was never adopted and he was not allowed to attend High School. When he was eighteen, he became a construction worker at Oscorp.

The Incident at Oscorp[]

One day when the workers were adding a coating of metal, it was irradiated with strange gamma energy. Carl was knocked off of a railing and he fell into the vat of metal. The gamma allowed him to absorb the metal. This was the incentive he needed to finally take revenge on the world for all it had done to him.

Absorbing Man[]

Carl discovered he could return to normal and absorb any substance he touched. He became the Absorbing Man. At first, he clashed with Spider-Man, but he eventually left New York and encountered the Hulk. They battled and Carl nearly won, but Hulk pulled out on top.