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Ace (of Hearts)
Ace (Carter LeBeau).jpg
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "A Long Way from Home..."


Carter is the daughter of Gambit and Ms. Marvel. She was raised with the X-Men but did not feel she fit in. One day she struck out on her own to take out some villains and ran into the super-criminal Scorpion. They battle for a while and he blasts poison but his tail and she is plucked from time the very second it touches her.

Amazing Exiles[]

Carter arrived in the nowhere desert where Blink told them they were the new Exiles. Carter was hesitant to accept but thought this could be a chance to make friends and accepted.

Ace's First Mission[]

When the Exiles arrived in the Purple Man reality Ace and Panther went after Purple Man. They are attacked by Iron Man but Panther takes care of him while Ace resists Purple Man's control and throws an energized card into his heart. She then kicks him out of the window and he falls to his death. Ace completed the Exiles' first mission.

Other Missions[]