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Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock (Gallery).png
Vital statistics
Real name Adam Warlock
Alias Wielder of the Soul Gem
Age 20
Species Artificial Being
Production details
First appearance "Guardians of the Galaxy #1"



After Thanos obtained the Infinity Gems, he used them to create a sentient being that would serve him, and thus was born Adam Warlock.

Serving Thanos[]

For 39 years, Adam served Thanos, not thinking twice of his actions. When they came into conflict with the Guardians, Star-Lord convinced him Thanos was evil. Adam left Thanos and joined the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy[]

After leaving Thanos, Adam stole the Soul Gem from him. He was eventually appointed second-in-command of the Guardians. For a time, he and Lyra had an affair, but they eventually broke up after she was possessed by an alien and she nearly killed him.