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Animal Man
Animal Man (JLI).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Bernhard Baker
Alias Buddy
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "New Beginning"

Speaking debut "Paycheck"


Justice League[]

Animal Man was the thirteenth person to join the Justice League. He left at one point due to a leg injury. He returned to the team at least a month later. He was present for the Darkseid invasion. He did not do much during the invasion, except he helped protect citizens in Gotham from parademons. After Superman's "death" Animal Man retired as a hero and began a family.

Justice League Infinity[]

When Batman began reforming the Justice League, he went to Animal Man's house to learn about his family. Animal Man refused to rejoin the Justice League, but he wishes Batman good luck on it.

Alternate Future[]

In the future, Animal Man was one of the first heroes to fall.