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Ant-Man (Co).png
Vital statistics
Real name Henry "Hank" Pym
Alias Ant-Man, Giant-Man
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Fantastic Four #45"

Henry Pym was a colleague of Reed Richards after college. He was part of the crew for Reed Richards's space flight.


Hank married Janet van Dyne a little after he invented Pym Particles. Janet convinced him to use Pym Particles to become a superhero. At first he didn't want to, but after endless pestering he gave in and became Ant-Man.

Two-Inch Superhero[]

Hank became Ant-Man and literally fought for the little guy. He eventually made himself known as a local hero. Janet also became his partner, the Wasp.


When threats started getting more dangerous, Hank started using the Pym Particles in a more aggressive way. He became Giant-Man and abandoned his Ant-Man persona. He nearly killed a criminal, which made his marriage to Janet strained.



When Hank was clearly started to like violence more than science and he was begging for a fight, Janet promptly divorced him. This sent him into an emotional state of depression. After a lot of thinking, he returned to being Ant-Man.

Fantastic Four[]

Hank approached Reed and they reconciled. Since the FF was short a member, Hank filled in for him. When Thing got his powers back, Hank retired as Ant-Man and remained in the Baxter Building as the overseeing eye for the FF. He would occasionally become Ant-Man again if he was ever truly needed.