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Vital statistics
Real name Henry Pym
Alias Giant-Man, Hank
Age 27
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Ant-Man and Wasp #1"


Pym Particles[]

Hank and his wife, Janet were the heads of Pym Enterprises. He and his partner, Eddie worked on the "Pym Particles". Eddie hated Pym for naming the particles after himself.


Hank experimented with the Particles himself and he discovered he could alter his size. Jan encouraged him to become a superhero. After weeks of pestering, he agreed, but only if she did it with him. So she became the Wasp and he became Ant-Man. This drove Eddie over the edge and he exposed himself, instead of putting it in a suit. He became the Hornet, Ant-Man and Wasp's first supervillain.


After Hank began working on Ultron, he decided that Ant-Man just wasn't good enough anymore.

Pym as Giant-Man

Hank used the Pym Particles in a new way, becoming Giant-Man, much to Jan's dismay.


Giant-Man got S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention and they recruited Hank and Wasp for the Avengers. They were part of the founding team and they helped defeat Loki.


Hank gave up his identity of Ant-Man and became Giant-Man full time, which caused him and Jan to argue a lot more frequently. They still stayed with the Avengers and went on many adventures, fighting many villains. They reunited after defeating Ultron, but Hank still refused to become Ant-Man again.

The Plague[]

When earth was threatened by an alien disease called the Plague, it became personified, causing the Avengers to fight it. Hank volunteered to go into the center, because he wouldn't risk Jan's life, and destroy the Plague. He became Ant-Man and blew up the Plague from within it's heart. However, some of the plague spores hitched a ride in his brain.

Temporary Insanity[]

The Plague Spores caused Hank to go insane. He was given a straightjacket and put in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Cell. Jan was horrified when this happened to him, and the other Avengers kept their distance from her, except Captain America. Hank noticed this and kept ranting on that Cap needed to die.

Janet's Death[]

While Hank was still insane, Ultron resurfaced. His new programming allowed to him to hurt Wasp, so he proved it by beating her to death. During his attack, the Plague spores within his brain burned out, returning him to normal. Cap gave him permission to leave his cell and rejoin the Avengers. When he found out Janet died, he returned to being Ant-Man in her honor and he shut down Ultron for good. After attending Janet's funeral, Hank wanted to retire, but Cap convinced him that Jan would want him to keep being Ant-Man.