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Apocalypse (Co).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name En Sabah Nur
Alias The First Mutant, Evan
Species Demi-God Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men: Apocalypse #1"

Apocalypse was the first mutant ever born, adopted by a criminal in Ancient Egypt. He was named En Sabah Nur, and would eventually become the biggest threat Mankind has ever seen.


Born to King Tut and a Prostitute, baby Apocalypse was left abandoned in the desert. He was found by a criminal/warrior who adopted him and named him En Sabah Nur. He developed powers and eventually became a big enough threat that all of Egypt teamed up to stop him, even his own father. He managed to kill a lot of them, but his true father, King Tut, was the one who eventually "killed" him.

Cosmic Hibernation[]

For centuries, En Sabah Nur peacefully slept, until he was awoken by the madman known as Red Skull, in World War II.

Part in the War[]

After teaming up with Red Skull, planning to double-cross him all along, he worked against Captain America and his Secret Warriors. He killed the heroes known as Wildcat, Hawkman, Bucky, and Namor. He then turned on Red Skull, whowas able to overwhelm him with a device that put him in another state of cosmic hibernation.

Second Return[]

In the early nineties, a mutant named Bane set him free. In return, Apocalypse wiped Bane's memory and left in Egypt. Nevertheless, he was still alive. Apocalypse made his way to America, where he planned to take his revenge.

Clashes with Superman[]

After resurfacing, he battled Superman on several occasions, even once battling the whole Justice Alliance at once.


After his essence was passed onto Gambit, Apocalypse switched sides and joined the X-Men. He has since become friends with Jean Grey.