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Vital statistics
Real name Kaldur'ahm
Alias Kaldur
Species Atlantean
Production details
First appearance "Black Manta #34"

Kaldurahm is the son of supervillain Black Manta and marine biologist Mary Storm (mother of Johnny and Sue Storm).


When the supervillain Black Manta was posing as a marine biologist named Cal Durham, he had an affair with married co-worker, Mary Storm. They conceived a child that was born at seas. Mary died giving birth to him and he wa sleft floating in the ocean. He would have died if Aquaman had never found him.

Growing up in Atlantis[]

Aquaman raised little Kaldurahm as his own son. When Kaldur reached the age of fifteen, Aquaman allowed him to become Aqualad. They became legends on both land and sea.

Young Defenders[]