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Vital statistics
Real name Orin
Alias Arthur Curry
Species Atlantean
Production details
First appearance "Legends of Atlantis #1"

Orin is the son of the Queen of Atlantis and the land-dweller Thomas Curry.

Bastard of the Seas[]

When little Orin was born, Atlanteans killed his birth father. His mother and step-father rushed him to land. They adapted to raise him there, but his mother died quickly. His step-father took on the identity of Alan Curry, Thomas's brother. He raised "Arthur" not telling him of his Atlantean heritage.

Heir to the Throne[]

When his half-brother Ohm, was about to be crowned king, the Atlanteans remembered Orin. They came to land and retrieved him, killing his step-father in the process. Orin reluctantly accepted the crown. As he grew, he started to love Atlantis. He became respected by his peers, but hated by his brother. He fell in love with one of his royal advisers, Mera.


Orin proposed to Mera and within months, they were married. Orin later found a baby floating in the seas, which he found out was named Kaldurahm. He raised this child as his own.

Aquaman and Aqualad[]

When Kaldur reached fifteen, he became Aqualad. Orin and Kaldur became legends on both land and sea, but they were mostly unappreciated on land. Aqualad, angry at this, attempted to make himself respected through fear, but Orin convinced that was not the right thing to do.

Justice Alliance[]