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Vital statistics
Real name Orin
Alias Arthur Curry
Species Human-Atlantean Hybrid
Production details
First appearance "New Beginning"


Early Life[]

Orin was born and raised in Atlantis by both of his parents, because his father was genetically altered to survive under water. His Half-Brother, Orm, killed both of them, making Orin the King at age nine.

Justice League[]

When the Earth was under attack by an alien robot named Brainiac, seven superheroes banded together. Aquaman was one of those heroes. They formed the Justice League and became the World's Greatest Superheroes. During Darkseid's invasion, he defended Atlantis from the Deep Six and killed all of them but one. After Superman's "death" Aquaman was in favor of disbanding the Justice League.

Return to Atlantis[]

Aquaman returned to Atlantis to pursue his marriage. Two years later when Batman approached him, offering him a spot on the Justice League, Aquman declined saying he wishes to start a family. But he tells Batman if the Justice League ever needs his help, he will be there.

Alternate Future[]

In the alternate future, Aquaman fathered a daughter with Mera. He and Mera were both assassinated by Black Manta when their daughter was seven.