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Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo (Heroic).JPG
Vital statistics
Real name Helmut Zemo
Alias Zemo Jr.
Age 41
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Captain America #4"


Raised After War

Zemo's father had an affair shortly after World War 2 ended, and he escaped capture. He died before Helmut's mother gave birth to him. The Red Skull, who was taking the Infinity Formula, killed his mother and took him in.

Heir to HYDRA

Zemo and Viper became rivals because both of them expected to become the leader of HYDRA. When Rded Skull was getting older, he kept it a secret to both of his adopted children who he favored.

Winter Soldier's Handler

Red Skull kept dropping hints to each of them that they were next in line. red Skull allowed Zemo to become the Winter Soldier's handler. Zemo and James formed a bond which was genuine, they could even say they were friends.

Scheming his Victory

When Captain America returned and joined the Avengers, Zemo knew Skull would be determined to stay alive, which meant a longer wait for him to lead HYDRA. He began sabotaging HYDRA missions to make Skull believe he was getting slower, and not fit to lead HYDRA.


Several Heads (which is what the HYDRA minions are called) began thinking Skull was losing his touch. Zemo pretended to defend his adoptive father, however he left an anonymous tip to the Avengers where their base was, hoping they would attack and arrest Skull.

Skull's Death

When the Avengers attacked HYDRA Island, Zemo freed Winter Soldier from stasis and ordered him to kill the Red Skull. He did so without hesitation and he escaped capture. Zemo chased off the Avengers and claimed leadership, making Viper his assistant.

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