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Vital statistics
Real name Bruce Wayne
Alias Dark Knight, Matches Malone
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Batman #1"

Bruce Wayne's parents were shot down when he was eight. He trained with the best of the best including Ra's al Ghul, Zatara, Iron Fist, and even S.H.I.E.L.D. When he was ready, he became Batman.

Death of the Parents[]

After seeing his favorite movie of all time, Legend of the Gray Ghost, Bruce and his parents started walking home. They took a shortcut through the alley, but his parents started arguing about Bruce's safety. A burglar walked out and shot Thomas and Martha. He then asked Bruce "You ever dance with the devil by the pale moon light?"

Training with the Best of the Best[]

Bruce devoted his life to justice and learned escapism, kung-fu, karate, jujitsu, and how to handle weapons, he became the Dark Knight Detective, Batman.

The Hero Gotham Deserves[]

As Batman and Bruce Wayne, he made a name for himself. He took out criminals such as Penguin, Killer Croc, and Scarecrow. But his biggest threat of all, was the Joker. They shared many glorious battles, and Batman eventually learned the Joker was the same man who had shot his parents down in cold blood.

Dark Knight Duo[]

When Bruce witnesses the death of Richard Grayson's parents, he adopts the young boy and he becomes his partner, Robin. They fight together and develop a very close father-son relationship. Eventually as Richard grew older, he and Bruce parted ways. Richard went on to become the hero known as Nightwing.

Justice Alliance[]

Batman joined the Justice Alliance after Thanos and Darkseid were defeated. He didn't spend much time with them, but eventually he started contributing regularly. He helped Wonder Woman out of the loss of two of her former loves, Storm and Captain America. This led to their falling in love and marriage.


After the death of Captain America, Batman proposed to Diana and she accepted. They took a leave of absence and the JA recruited Miss Marvel.

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