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Batman (New).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Bruce Wayne
Alias Wayne Williams
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Dark of the Knight"


Bruce is a distant person. However he is willing to do anything to save someone. He wants to give out the impression that he does not give a damn about anyone else, but the people that know him know that he just wants to have friends and a family, and when he joined the Justice League, they gave it to him. Captain America became his first real friend for a while, Bruce even admitted that he adored him when he was a child.

Early Life

That Tragic Night

When Bruce Wayne was 8 years old, his parents took him to see a movie about Captain America. He loved it and wanted to be just like Cap. As they were walking home, a burglar approached them and demanded their money. Bruce's father attempted to stop the man, but he shot and killed him. He did the same to his mother and left Bruce in the dust.

No More Kid Stuff

At that moment, Bruce swore he would make crime pay. He instantly began travelling around the world, training with the best of the best in flying, fighting, hiding, escaping, and detective work. When he was twenty-one he returned to Gotham City to take his vengeance.

The Dark Knight

Bruce made a make-shift costume and began masquerading as the vigilante known as Batman. At first, he was considered a joke, but eventually people started to fear the mention of his name.

Symbiote Batman.jpg
Batman possessed by the Venom symbiote
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