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Vital statistics
Real name Abner Jenkins
Alias Bug
Age 33
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Spider-Man #37"


Dark Past[]

Abner's father was arrested for armed robbery when he was in middle school. He was delusional and believed he had to become like his father. His mother slowly went insane and he remained living with her, raising himself.

Becoming a Teacher[]

He killed his mother after he graduated college. He got a job as the History Teacher at Midtown High. He fell in love with his student, Mary Jane Watson.

Arrested for Pedophilia[]

Abner attempted to have sex with MJ, but she punched him in the face and called the police. He was arrested and went to Ravencroft, where he was reunited with his father, whom he killed by choking.

Becoming the Beetle[]

Abner was let out early for good behavior and he broke into Stark Industries and stole an Iron Man armor prototype. He modified it to become a Beetle-like armor and he began terrorizing Midtown.

Attacking Mary Jane[]

He kidnapped MJ as the Beetle and tried to force her to have sex with him, but Spider-Man battled him and saved MJ. Beetle swore revenge and began a personal vendetta against Spider-Man.