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Vital statistics
Real name Abner Jenkins
Alias Mach-V
Age 27
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "The Amazing Spider-Man #28"


Early Life[]

As a child, Abner was pretty popular, almost flunking every class. When his parents grounded him, he studied harder and began getting good grades. In fact, he became so involved in his school work, that his popular friends shunned him. He didn't mind. Abner eventually got interested in robotics, which got him a college scholarship at the age of sixteen.

Graduating College[]

After graduating college, he became a teacher at Midtown High. He taught the new robotics class. When he discovered funds might get cut for his class, he became paranoid and desperate.


Abner saw a news report of Iron Man and he thought he could make his own suit. He fashioned it after an insect and he made his debut as the Beetle, hoping he could earn money by being a hero. When that failed, he decided to steal the money for his class. At the science expo, that Peter Parker happened to be attending, the Beetle arrived and attempted to rob them. Peter quickly turned into Spider-Man and fought the Beetle.


During their battle, Beetle's armor was slashed and oil starting leaking out of it. He attempted to use his built in blasters, but Spider-Man saw the leak and attempted to warn him, but Abner ignored his warning and fired the blaster. One of the sparks hit the leak and caught it on fire. In a freak out, Beetle flew straight into a building and his armor exploded, killing him instantly.