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Ben 10
Ben 10 (Void).png
Vital statistics
Real name Benjamin Tennyson
Alias Alien-Man
Age 21
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Ben 10: Void #1"


When Ben was eighteen he had his final showdown with Vilgax. Vilgax killed Julie so Ben managed to use Alien X and open a void to send Vilgax into. But using all that power drained Ben's omnitrix, limiting him to ten aliens, again. Those aliens included: Heatblast, Fasttrack, Humungasour, Cannonbolt, Eatle, Jetray, Lodestar, Rath, Wildvine, and Alien X.

Three Years Later[]

After that, Kevin and Gwen moved on with their lives. Ben has become a superhero celebrity all across the world. Since Julie was dead, Ben began dating Kai Green. He even starred in three movies about him. He joined the team called the Defenders of the Universe. Eventually, the void Ben created opened back up and Vilgax returned. Since the Defenders were on a mission in the Anur System, Ben contacted Kevin and Gwen. They returned to help him fight Vilgax one last time.