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Betty Ross
Betty Ross (Gallery).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Elizabeth Ross
Alias She-Hulk
Age 26
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Hulk #1"


Early Life[]

When Betty was a little girl, her mother died of cancer. Her father then became distant. She raised herself and helped her father until she was thirteen. Then he started training her like she was in the military. She grew up and went to college, where she met Bruce Banner and they fell in love.

The Hulk[]

When Bruce and Betty graduated they began studying gamma radiation. At one point, Bruce attempted to use himself as a test subject and it mutated his DNA, turning him into a green hulking monster. He recognized Betty and resisted himself from hurting her.


Realizing that he was a danger to Betty, Bruce left. She then fell into a temporary state of depression. She quickly recovered and got a job working at Midtown High, where her scientific mind connected with that of her student, Peter Parker. At some point, Betty felt an attraction to him and they shared a kiss, but they knew it would never work out, so they broke up.

Reunited with Bruce[]

When the Hulk returned to New York, Betty took a leave of absence and went to find Hulk, who was fighting the Fantastic Four. She got him to calm down and he made amends with the Fantastic Four. Betty got over her petty fears and decided to stay with Hulk, no matter what the dangers were.