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Black Manta
Black Manta (Co).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name David Lucifer
Alias Cal Durham
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Legends of Atlantis #7"

Black Manta is a former marine and father of Aqualad.


Under the alias of David Hyde, Black Manta joined the marines. Secretly he was using their technology to build himself an underwater survival suit. When he was younger his parents died in a cruise ship accident and he swore revenge on who he thought was responsible: Aquaman. Once his suit was complete, he killed most of the others on his squad. He then escaped and made his way to Atlantis.

First Fight with Aquaman

Black Manta came to Atlantis and killed several citizens. When Aquaman confronted him, they battled long and hard. Manta cut off Aquaman's hand and fled.

As Calvin Durham

Once on land, he took on the alias of Calvin Durham and went by Cal. He became a marine biologist and had an affair with married co-worker, Mary Storm. He fled once he learned she was pregnant. He placed a bomb on a place and listed Cal Durham as a passenger. The plane blew up, and Cal was presumed dead.

Return to Black Manta

Manta (Co) Unmasked.png
Manta unmasked

He once again became Black Manta and returned to Atlantis, this time with an army of Manta-men and they overwhelmed the citizens. They overtook Atlantis and he teamed up with Aquaman's insane brother, Ohm. Eventually, Ohm and Aquaman teamed up and fought him. However, Manta had fled the scene and made one of his henchmen pose as him. They killed the henchman and Manta was presumed dead.

Meeting his son

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