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Black Panther
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Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "A Long Way from Home..."


T'Chanda is the son of the original Black Panther and Storm. He inherited his mother's powers and his father's agility and suit. He was raised in Wakanda and became King at the age of seventeen when his parents were murdered by Mr. Sinister. While trying to avenge his parents he goes after Sinister only to learn that both his parents along with the X-Men Wolverine and Jean Grey have been altered drastically to be the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He was forced to battle his own parents and when Storm blasts lightning at him he is plucked from time the very second it strikes and he is believed dead.

Amazing Exiles[]

T'Chanda arrived in the nowhere desert where Blink tells him and the others that they have been chosen to be the new Exiles. Black Panther is the first one to agree, saying he has nothing to return too.

Panther's First Mission[]

The Exiles were brought to a reality where Purple Man was able to enslave the entire world through Iron Man. The Exiles' job was to kill Purple Man and free the world of his enslavement. While Iceman, Human Torch, Rogue, and Polaris were attacked by Purple Man's body guards, Thor and Hulk, Panther and Ace attacked Stark Tower. They were attacked by Iron Man and Panther kept him busy while Ace sticks a card right in Purple Man's heart and kicks him out of the window. Before this happens Panther scratches Iron Man's arc reactor and kills him.

Other Missions[]