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Black Panther
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Vital statistics
Real name T'Challa Udaku
Alias Tanner Underwood
Age 30
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Black Panther #1"


Early Life[]

T'Challa grew up as the Prince of Wakanda, knowing he would one day become king. However, years after he reached adolescence, his father survived. But a man named M'Baku challenged T'Chaka for the throne. M'Baku killed T'Chaka and claimed the throne. T'Challa fled the country.


While in America, T'Challa became a masked vigilante known as the Black Panther. He defended a small town inside New York. He came into conflict with Iron Man, who mistook him for a villain.

Making Allies[]

Panther met heroes such as Daredevil and the Thing. He also befriended the Black Widow.

Taking back the Throne[]

Panther took his three friends with him to Wakanda and they helped him to defeat Man-Ape and take back his throne. All three of them were given medals of high honor and were blessed by the Wakandan Gods. T'Challa decided to remain in Wakanda to rule over his people.