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Black Widow
Black Widow (New).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Natalia Romanova
Alias Natasha Romanoff, Natalia Rogers
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Widow's Bite"


Natalia is sly and cunning and doesn't trust anyone but herself. That was, until she met Captain America. He got her to be more open with people, but she is still constantly aware of her surroundings. She also has a photographic memory, just like Batman.

Early Life[]


Natalia was raised on the streets of Soviet Russia. Her drug-addicted, abusive father made her steal for him and take care of him. When she turn eleven, she stole a gun for her father, but she instead used it to kill him. She then ran away and escaped to America at the age of seventeen.


Natalia was taken in by HYDRA and she got in a high ranking position. Eventually, she fought someone named Nick Fury, but he got her to switch sides and she became his second-in-command.


Natalia worked on her own for several years. When Captain America joined S.H.I.E.L.D. he was appointed Widow's partner. They eventually fell in love and got married.