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Blink and her Exiles


  • Blink: Clarice Ferguson managed to escape from her hellish home reality and was stuck in the cracks of reality. She gathered heroes from five other realities to help her travel to different dimensions to keep them from ending up like hers. Those heroes were:
  • Mimic: Calvin Rankin has the power to copy anybody else's mutant power
  • Morph: Kevin Sidney can shape-shift
  • Magnus (Skrull): This Skrull posing as the son of Magneto can control metal and turn someone into steel with a touch
  • Nocturne: Talia Wagner is the daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch and has the power to teleport and blast hex-bolts
  • Thunderbird: The Thunderbird android is a former horseman of Apocalypse with no personality of his own.