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Blob (Heroic).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Frederick Dukes
Alias Fred
Age 37
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #3"



Blob was born into a wealthy family. He was spoiled as a child and got everything he wanted. He did not exercise, which caused him to get fat. He kept on getting fatter and fatter until he was diagnosed with diabetes. He later found out he was a mutant.

Road to Insanity[]

After his parents discovered he was a mutant, his dad continued to verbally abuse him. Fred eventually ate his own father and made his mother into his slave. When she reported him to the police he ate her too and evaded the cops.

Hellfire Club[]

Frederick was invited to join Sebastian Shaw's Hellfire Club. He accepted and joined the Inner Circle. When the X-Men defeated the Hellfire Club, Blob was arrested and brought to an MRD facility.


While in the MRD, Blob was abused by the guards, who constantly called him fat and disgusting. He eventually lashed out and killed one of the guards. They couldn't stop him so the X-Men were called. His fury was too great and he stopped most of them. But Jean Grey managed to shatter his spine, breaking his back and killing him.