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Captain America
Captain America (Co).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Steven "Steve" Rogers
Alias Nomad, Cap
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Captain America #1"

Steve Rogers took the super-soldier formula and became the first superhero: Captain America.


Steve signed up for the super-soldier project and was given super-strength, enhanced speed, stamina, and intelligence. He fought alongside his team, the Secret Warriors, against HYDRA and other supervillains.


Eventually the Secret Warriors encountered Apocalypse, who nearly killed all of them. Only Captain America and Wolverine were able to escape. Cap later encountered Apocalypse again, this time with Red Skull. Once Skull and Apocalypse ad betrayed each other, Cap made his move and he and Skull fought to the death. He began beating Skull into submission, but Skull reminds him that no matter what, the missile will launch.

Last Act of Heroism[]

Captain America snaps Red Skull's neck, leaving him dead. He hopped aboard the missile and began defusing it in midair. When he realized there was not enough time, he set it to explode in 5 seconds. He jumped off, landing in the ocean. The missile exploding was the last thing he ever saw.


Eventually, the Justice Alliance found Captain America. Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Storm, and Hulk were the ones that found him. They presumed he was dead, but Batman proposed they use a Lazarus Pit. When he emerged, he was confused and frightened. He attacked the Justice Alliance, and took them all out one by one. He ran out and tried to get off of the island, but Batman found him and talked him through the past couple of decades.

Justice Alliance[]

Captain America adjusted to life in the new day. He even had a short relationship with Wonder Woman. He was even elected leader of the Justice Alliance.