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Vital statistics
Real name Piotr Rasputin
Alias Peter Rasputin
Age 22
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #1"


Working with Chameleon[]

Piotr was a street-thief in Russia, until he was found by Dmitri Smerdyakov. The two became partners in crime and they were famous. Eventually, Piotr got tired of being a thief. He left Dmitri and went to America.


Piotr joined the X-Men where he befriended Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde. He assisted in defeating Sebastian Shaw. When Magneto and several students left, Piotr remained loyal and stayed at the school.

Chameleon Returns[]

Dmitri came to America and found Piotr. He blackmails him into robbing the Triskellion. However, he alerts the X-Men and Chameleon was arrested. However, as consequence for his actions, Piotr was asked to leave the X-Men.

Solo Act[]

After he left, Colossus began freeing mutants the MRD had captured. When they raided the X-Mansion he was able to rescue Nightcrawler and Kitty. The three of them broke into the MRD base and freed everyone else. Professor X welcomed Colossus back onto the X-Men because of his good deeds. At first he declined, but Kitty convinced him he should.