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Crimson Dynamo
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Vital statistics
Real name Anton Vanko
Alias Valentin Shatalov
Age 45
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Iron Man #6"


Early Life[]

Anton grew up on the streets of Russia, caring for his father. Eventually his father died and Anton found his blueprints for a suit much like the American hero, Iron Man. Anton made it and thought that Iron Man stole the designs, so he flew to America.

Promethium Man[]

The first person who greeted him in America was Justin Hammer. He offered Anton an alliance so they could both kill Iron Man. Anton, not knowing what Justin truly wanted, accepted his offer.


During their battle with Iron Man, Anton found out that his father stole Iron Man's designs and Justin is the one who stole his father's designs. After Justin blasted a hole in his armor and it caught on fire, he told Justin he wouldn't give him the satisfaction of killing hi, so he blasts himself in the head.