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Crystal (Castaways).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Crystalia Amaquelin
Alias Miss Human Torch
Age 20
Species Inhuman
Production details
First appearance Castaways #1


Home Reality[]

In her home reality, the Fantastic Four went on an adventure in space, but they each chose replacements in case something would happen. Human Torch chose Crystal as his replacement. The others chose Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and Iron Man.


Crystal was one of the original six Castaways. She befriended the Trickster and quickly developed a little crush on him. The two of them joined the other Castaways in the Diner by a swamp in the Jungle Beyond Space and Time. The Timebroker explained their situation and sent them off to their mission.

In the alternate dimension, Red Skull ruled the world. Crystal and Trickster were sent to the least likely place Red Skull would be, which is where he was. The two of them fought off his HYDRA minions and he set off a bomb. He planned to escape, but Trickster teleported Crystal away and held Red Skull inside the building while the bomb blew up.

Other Missions[]