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Cyborg (JLI).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Victor Stone
Alias Vic
Species Human Android
Production details
First appearance "New Beginning"

Speaking debut "World War Three"


The Accident[]

Victor Stone was a football player and a science wiz. One day when he was visiting his father in his lab, they opened a portal to another dimension. A creature came out and severely injured Vic. His father replaced his injured limbs with cybernetic body parts and he became Cyborg.

Justice League[]

During the first wave of recruits, Cyborg was the second one nominated. He was nominated by the Martian Manhunter, for reasons unknown. J'onn claimed it was because Victor was smart, athletic, heroic, and simply League-worthy. The team did not questions his reasons and Cyborg was inducted. After Superman's "death" Victor was in favor of disbanding the Justice League.

Alternate Future[]

Cyborg was never mentioned in the future, so it is assumed he was one of the first of the Justice Leaguers to be killed.