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Vital statistics
Real name Scott Summers
Alias Slim
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #1"

Scott Summers is the devoted leader of the X-Men and lover of Jean Grey.


Scott's parents and brother were all killed in a place crash, while he fell into a coma for two years. When he awoke, his powers had been affected, making him unable to shut them off. A man named Charles Xavier took him in and gave him ruby quarts glasses to keep his lasers under control.


Scott was the first of five young mutants to be recruited by Charles Xavier. The others included Jean Grey, Barry Allen, Vic Stone, and Kurt Wagner.


After years of the X-Men, in their final confrontation with Apocalypse, Gambit became Doomsday. He mutated Cyclops into the Horseman of Pestilence and made him incapacitate Flash for several weeks.