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Vital statistics
Real name Scott Summers
Alias One-Eye
Age 21
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #1"



When Scott was four his family took a vacation to Hawaii, but the plane crashed. Scott and his brother, Alex, survived the crash. While Alex was adopted, Scott suffered a head injury and was put in a hospital. He woke two years later and was put in a boy's home, the same boys home as Lance Alvers.

Growing Up[]

Scott and Lance became rivals and it was a good day when Lance was adopted. Scott remained in the home until he was sixteen. He was being bullied when his powers were activated. He was then brought to jail for destroying the home. Charles Xavier bailed him out and he was brought to the X-Mansion.


Scott was a founding member and he remained loyal when Magneto and some other students left. He began a relationship with fellow X-Man Jean Grey. Eventually, Scott got word that his brother was alive. He flew out to California to meet him and they became great friends. Havok joined the X-Men, along with the Avengers.

Jean's Death[]

When Jean became possessed by the Phoenix Force, Scott tried to reason with her. He failed and she tried to kill him. This led to Wolverine stabbing Jean and killing her. Scott then began to hate Logan.

Leader of the X-Men[]

Professor X told Scott that since he was dying, he wanted Scott to lead the X-Men. He did as he was told and became leader. When Emma Frost joined, he began a relationship with her, but he did not love her like he loved Jean. He eventually forgave Wolverine and they became friends. Due to Havok's connections, Scott met his childhood hero, Captain America and they became great friends as well. Scott declined the offer to join the Avengers, saying his place was with the X-Men.