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Vital statistics
Real name Daimon Hellstrom
Alias Son of Satan, Hellstorm
Age 100
Species Demon-Human Hybrid
Production details
First appearance "Wolverine and the X-Men #21"



When Daimon's mother was in need of help, she called out to the Devil, and he came. He offered to heal her, for a child in exchange. She agreed and they conceived the most powerful being in the universe. As a child, Daimon's mother never told him who his father was. They were very close and she trained him to be a thief. When he was nine, his father made contact and unlocked his true potential. He hated his mother for not telling him, so he killed her.

The Devil[]

For some time, Mephisto wished to spend time in the Astral Plain, so Daimon filled in for him, acting as the Devil, adapting a new form. But Mephisto returned, and Daimon went back to make a name for himself.


Daimon discovered his father had created a soldier called the Ghost Rider, so Daimon wished to prove himself and kill the Rider. But Danny Ketch was too much for him and he managed to open a portal to hell, and sent him back.

Fighting the X-Men[]

After his one year sentence was finished, Daimon returned to take revenge on the Rider, but he learned he had teamed up with two mutants, Wolverine and Rogue. He fought all three of them and almost won, even killing Wolverine, but Rider and Rogue chased him into the Afterlife and they retrieved his soul, leaving Daimon stuck in the spirit world.