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Vital statistics
Real name Matthew Murdock
Alias Matt, Michael Murdock, Justice
Age 24
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Daredevil #1"


Early Life[]

As a child, Matt looked up to his father since his mother left them. He went to every boxing match and took personal lessons, giving to him by his father. He also began taking karate and gymnastics classes. However, he didn't know his father used to be one of the Kingpin's henchmen. He was tracked down and Matt saw his father's murder. He ran but one of the Kingpin's trucks was delivering toxic waste and he made it swerve and the waste went straight into his eyes.


Matt woke up in the hospital, blinded. But all his other senses were enhanced greatly. He refused to go to an orphanage and he trained himself on the streets of Hell's Kitchen, honing in on his new powers.


As a teen, Matt learned more about the Kingpin and confronted him, dressed in a makeshift costume, claiming to be Justice. He beat up Norman and threatened his life, hanging him off his own balcony. His guards came in so he threw Norman back in and jumped off. He survived and decided to continue being a hero, both as Matthew Murdock, and as somebody else. By day, he was Matt Murdock, the Blind Lawyer that never lost a case, but by night, he became a vigilante fighting the evil, helping the innocent, known in whispers as The Daredevil.

Fighting Bullseye[]

When Daredevil teamed up with the Hell's Kitchen police officer, Elektra Natchios, he told her that he chose the name Daredevil, because that was his father's boxing name. She informs him that the brother of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Clint Barton, Lester, has escaped prison and taken refuge in Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil searched and eventually found him. He learned that the Kingpin hired Bullseye to dispose of him. He fought Bullseye, forming a personal rivalry with him, and won. He left his unconscious body on Norman's desk, as a reminder that Daredevil will always be fighting him.

New Avengers[]

When Loki sent the Avengers into an alternate dimension, Iron Man sent out a distress message to any available heroes. Daredevil was one of those heroes. He came together with seven other heroes to fight and defeat Loki. It took them a couple of tries, but they eventually won and brought back the Avengers. The seven of them agreed to remain together as a team, as the New Avengers.