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Deadpool (Castaways).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Wade Wilson
Alias John Wilkes Booth, Jack Trueman, Karan Jackman, Luke Tyrone, Daniel Last, Oliver Peters, Ned Freeders, Alexi Shlatakov, Gertrude Yeardley, Sal Williams, Monica Hutcherson
Age 32
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Castaways #23


Home Reality[]

In his home reality Deadpool was hired by the Red Skull to go back in time and assassinate President Lincoln under the name John Wilkes Booth. When word spread over his actions, all the heroes tried to hunt him down and it only made things worse when he killed Invisible Woman.


Deadpool was placed on the Castaways after long-time member, Crystal was killed. Due to the way Deadpool is and the fact that he replaced their friend, the whole team shunned him and refused to take him seriously.

During his first mission, they were all sent to a world where the Leader had turned the entire world into Hulks. When some of the Castaways were turned into Hulks as well, Deadpool remained normal and he killed the Leader and cured everyone. He would later prove himself several more times, earning his team's respect and friendship. He made his own place on the team.

Other Missions[]