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Vital statistics
Real name Wade Wilson
Alias Weapon 11
Age 68
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Deadpool #1"


Early Life[]

Wade Wilson's parents were highly skilled assassins, but his mother died of food poisoning when he was eight. That was the first step of his insanity. His father then started beating him, but also training him how to be an assassin.

The Merc with a Mouth[]

When he was seventeen, Wade shot his father through the head and became an assassin for hire. He eventually crossed paths with a man named James Howlett. They fought but after both losing, they got a beer together and exchanged numbers.


When he was twenty-one, Wade found out he has cancer. He called James and they agreed to go to the Weapon X facility. James was offered an adamantium skeleton, and he would be able to handle it because of his healing factor. They also offered Deadpool a healing factor so he could get rid of his cancer. He accepted, but what they did will haunt him forever.


When he woke up, he found his skin had been bruised and scarred everywhere. He was enraged and he learned that they also gave him the power of teleportation. He teleported into the costume hall and stole one of them. He teleported away and accepted the fact that he was insane, and he thought it could be fun.

Wolverine's X-Men[]

At some point, Deadpool and Wolverine got back in contact and he joined Wolverine's X-Men, but Rogue and Ghost Rider didn't like him. Eventually, he shot Ghost Rider in the leg and left the team, making Wolverine hate him.