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Vital statistics
Real name Irene Adler
Alias Irene Darkholme, Famine
Age 43
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #1"



After a sixteen year old Irene Adler came out to her parents, her father kicked her out and disowned her. She refused to go to an orphanage and she bought herself an apartment. Her mutant powers began acting up and she kept having visions about a girl named Raven.

Meeting Raven[]

She eventually sought out Raven Darkholme. They met at Niagra Falls and Irene told her everything. Raven believed her and asked her out on a date. The two of them fell in love and bought an apartment goether, where they lived in happiness for years.


Both Irene and Raven helped the X-Men defeat Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club. They stayed at the Mansion and became teachers for the younger students.


When Magneto left the X-Men, Raven wanted to go with, so Destiny went too. They journeyed to Genosha where they built their new home and joined the Brotherhood of Mutants.


During one of the clashes between the Brotherhood and the X-Men, Destiny noticed Mystique and Wolverine battling. She jumped in front of Mystique as Wolverine was about to stab her. She took the full blow and died in Mystique's arms. She had a vision of her own death the night before.


The ancient mutant Apocalypse used his powers to resurrect Destiny, but he turned her into one of his horsemen. Her powers were increased and she could now travel through time by seconds and create illusions within peoples' minds.