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Diablo (Heroic).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Estaban De Ablo
Alias El Diablo, Devil
Age ~
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Fantastic Four #5"


Medieval Times[]

Estaban was burned for witchcraft. However, his soul lived on for nearly a century. Eventually, he crafted himself a new body using sorcery and cast his soul into it.

Four Elements[]

Estaban heard of the legend of the four elements and he attempted to harness their powers, but he was discovered by the police force and he was brought to jail. He committed suicide in order to escape. Once again, his soul survived. However, he was unable to make a new body.

Present Day[]

Estaban found the body of a brain-dead man and cast his soul into his body. He woke up and killed nearly everyone in the hospital and he escaped. He was finally able to harness three of the four elements, but he lacked fire.

Fantastic Four[]

When Diablo attempted to master fire, the Fantastic Four detected him and tried to bring him down. When Johnny attacked him, he managed to trap a bit of fire and he cast a spell on it, which allowed him to master all four elements. He became nearly unstoppable but Mister Fantastic's new weapon turned Diablo into a withering old man and he was brought to jail.