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Doctor Doom
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Vital statistics
Real name Victor von Dread
Alias Victor Dread, Victor von Doom
Age 21
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Fantastic Four #2"


Early Life[]

Victor was the heir to the throne of Latveria. When he was eighteen he traveled to America to attend college. He met a man named Reed Richards, who he despised. Eventually, Victor was kicked out of college because he committed "crimes against nature".

Battle Scars[]

Victor became a mad scientist and accidentally scarred his own face. He covered it and attended sorcery schools for worshipers of Mephisto. He learned sorcery and returned to Latveria, only to learn his father had died.


Victor took over Latveria and turned it into a communist country. He gave himself a suit of arm and changed his name to Doctor Doom. When he learned that Richards and his colleagues had become the Fantastic Four, he set up a base in New York. He would have many battles with the FF, becoming their mortal nemesis.