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Dr. Octopus
Doc Ock (Co).JPG
Vital statistics
Real name Otto Octavius
Alias Otter, Doc Ock
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Batman #21"

Otto Octavius was the CEO of OsCorp and Norman Osborn's closest best friend.

Death of Norman Osborn[]

After his best friend died of cancer, Otto quit his job at OsCorp and became a common jewel thief. One night, he was outrunning the cops and stumbled upon a lab. It had futuristic technology and Otto was particularly fond of the Octopus arms.

Doctor Octopus is Born[]

Doc Ock before the accident

Doc Ock attacked Wayne Tower, over his personal grudge against Bruce Wayne. He broke in and started wreaking havoc. He was unbeatable, and when he finally killed someone, Batman and Robin showed up and fought him. They fell out of Wayne Tower, but Otto saved himself and got away.

Double Trouble[]

After facing several defeats from Batman, Doc Ock teams up with the Joker. The two of them managed to kidnap Batman and Joker wanted to kill him, but Doc Ock wanted to make him suffer. This led to an argument between the two and they fought. Joker threw Doc Ock into a wall containing Joker venom prototypes. It burned Otto's skin and he was forced to be put in a suit that kept him alive.