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Doctor Octopus
Doc Ock (Gallery).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Otto Octavius
Alias Doc Ock
Age 31
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "The Amazing Spider-Man #16"


Early Life[]

When Otto was a child, his father altered his DNA so that he could control technology with his mind. It drove him to insanity, but he still became a respected scientist.

Mentor to Peter Parker[]

Otto became a teacher at Midtown High, where he mentored his two top students, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. He also developed a crush on fellow teacher Betty Ross. But he found out she was having an affair with Peter, so he quit his job and developed his tentacles.

Doctor Octopus[]

Otto decided that he deserved a reward, so he created the dual identity of Doctor Octopus. He attacked the national bank of New York City, stealing thousands of dollars. He was confronted by Spider-Man, who easily defeated him, but Otto kept some of the money and escaped.


In their next battle, Otto was remarkably better at fighting. Spider-Man still evaded his tentacles, accidentally making Otto impale himself, which led to him bleeding to death. His last words to Peter were "This is all your fault".