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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange (Heroic).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Stephen Strong
Alias Stephen Strange
Age 55
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Spider-Man #39"


Broken Hands[]

When Stephen was 40, his hands were broken after he was mugged. He journeyed to K'un-L'un in an attempt to get them magically fixed. The sorcerer Aggomotto told Stephen his hands would be healed once he masters sorcery.

Sorcerer Supreme[]

It did not take long for Stephen to become the Sorcerer Supreme and his hands were healed. He thanked Aggomotto and returned to America. He built the Sanctum Sanctorum with his new hands and filled it with magical items.

Dark Dimension[]

Stephen discovered the Sanctum Sanctorum was acting as a doorway to Mephisto's realm. He journeyed into the Dark Dimension and teamed up with Ghost Rider to defeat Mephisto, which they did. When they returned, Stephen blocked off the doorway.

Team Up with Spider-Man[]

When Spider-Man's enemy, the Green Goblin began using sorcery, Spider-Man went to Doctor Strange for help. The two of them teamed up to fight Green Goblin and they eventually learned it was Mephisto posing as him and the real Goblin was being held in the Dark Dimension. Strange and Peter ventured into Mephisto's Realm to recover Goblin and the three of them defeated Mephisto.


When the heroic team of three came to visit him, requesting a headquarters, he joined them and allowed them to take refuge in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Although he was a leader at heart, he allowed Captain Marvel to continue leading the team.