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Doctor Strange
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Vital statistics
Real name Stephen Saunders
Alias Stephen Strange
Age 31
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Doctor Strange #1"


Early Life[]

Stephen was a jock in High School, the captain of the basketball team. He dated many girls, but never managed to get with the one he actually loved, Clea.

Doctor Saunders[]

After graduating, Stephen got a doctorate and began studying science, giving up on his basketball career. During an expedition with his colleagues, he got lost from the group and discovered a hidden temple in the forest, it called out to him and allowed him to enter. He met the Great One called Aggomotto. He kept Stephen in the place called the Sanctum Sanctorum, for five years, training him in sorcery.


Aggomotto eventually passed his powers onto Stephen, turning him into Doctor Strange. When he left eh Sanctum, he had only been gone for a couple of hours. He left his career and decided to use his new powers to become famous. He got his own talk show, where he interviewed celebrities and showed off his magic powers. When he was confronted by the other Great Ones, they stripped him of his powers. He lost his talk show and he became a deadbeat. At one point, he saw a woman being mugged by four guys, so Stephen stepped in and took them out. She recognized him and he recognized her, it was Clea. She finally said yes to a date and they fell in love.

Doctor Strange[]

The Great Ones came to Stephen and restored his powers. This time, he decided to become a hero called Doctor Strange. He fought many magical threats, and made many enemies.


When the alien Thanos attacked Earth, Stephen was one of the seven heroes to team up and fight him. He stayed with the other seven as a team.