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Dracula (Heroic).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Vlad Dracula
Alias Alucard
Age ~
Species Vampire
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #34"



Vlad Dracula was the ruler of Transylvania. The town was infested with vampires and Vlad assured his people that they were safe. However, one night a vampire snuck into his mansion and bit him. Vlad then ruled the vampires as well as Transylvania.


When the ancient mutant Apocalypse arrived in Transylvania, Dracula formed an alliance with him and they ruled Transylvania together. Eventually, Dracula was betrayed and he and Apocalypse battled. Dracula "killed" Apocalypse and had him shipped out to sea.


Dracula later followed the British Explorers to America, since Transylvania had fallen. He encountered Apocalypse and they fought again, but both were invisible to the humans. This time, Apocalypse was victorious and he cracked Dracula's skull.


Dracula's powers would not allow him to stay dead. When he rose again he had an affair with a human woman and his son was born. When his son grew older, Dracula attempted to recruit him as the Vampire Prince, but he refused, claiming to want to kill Dracula.


After Blade had become a vampire slayer, he and Dracula battled. Dracula had the upper hand but Blade exposed him to sunlight, which killed him for the second time, but Blade knew Dracula's death would not last.

Second Return[]

Dracula rose again and his presence was detected by the Avengers. He battled them and managed to turn Captain America into a vampire. Blade teamed up with the Avengers and freed Captain America of his curse. Dracula was blasted by Iron Man's lasers, reminiscent to sunlight and he died again.


Dracula's body was destroyed before he could return so his ghost began roming America in hopes of finding a new way to return to life.