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Vital statistics
Real name Maxwell Dillon
Alias Max
Age 19
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "The Amazing Spider-Man #7"


Early Life[]

Max always got along with his younger sister, Marley, but his older brother, Vance, didn't like him. Eventually their relationship got so cold that Vance beat Max up after he called him an asshole. Max decided to run away from home at age eleven, because his parents didn't care about him as much as they did about Vance and Marley.

Not a normal Teenage Life[]

Max didn't go to High School, but he hung around with a group of High School kids who smoked, drank, and did drugs. He came to the school one day to hang with them, but someone saw them doing drugs, so Max told them to stay put. he went and beat up the kid. Max eventually robbed a store and there was a warrant out for his arrest. When he was seventeen, he was hired by the Kingpin to steal secrets from Stark Industries.


Max drove to New York City where he broke into Stark Industries, but he fell into an open wire area, where he was electrocuted severely. But instead of dying, Max was transformed into a being of living energy. He decided to use these new powers for his own personal gain and he became Electro. He fought Spider-Man and won several times until Spider-Man contained his energy and he was sent to the Vault.

Personal Troubles[]

While imprisoned in the Vault he was visited by his brother, Vance, who had become the CEO of Worthington Labs. Vance paid Max's bail and offered him a job as his body guard. Max reluctantly accepted. When they returned to Worthington Labs, Vance told him that when Marley saw Max had become Electro, she fell into a coma. Electro went into a fit of rage and blasted a whole straight through his brother's chest. He went to the hospital where he found his sister comatose. He was horrified and he thought he was the cause. It then pushed him even further to do what he does, but this time he did it for her. However, he did form a personal vendetta against Spider-Man.