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Elektra (Heroic).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Elektra Natchios
Alias Stacy Elektra
Age 26
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Spider-Man #30"


Assassin Training[]

After her father was killed by a Hand Assassin, a man named Stick began training her. When training she met a young man named Matt Murdock, who also planned on avenging his father. When she was done with training, she began slaughtering the Hand.

For Hire[]

Eventually, bad guys began thinking Elektra was an assassin for hire. She was hired several times and she killed eight people. Eventually when she was hired to kill Stick, she decided to not be an assassin anymore.


When Nick Fury left S.H.I.E.L.D. Elektra was one of the people he invited to join the Thunderbolts, and she accepted. When Deadpool gave away the secret that Elektra still sleeps with a stuffed monkey (along with secrets about the other team) she assisted in beating the crap out of him until he was forgiven. It turns out these secrets made the public relate to the Thunderbolts and many little girls looked up to Elektra.

Relationship with Norman[]

Eventually, Norman and Elektra shared a romantic moment which ended in a kiss. They then started a relationship and Elektra fell in love with him. During one mission, Norman is impaled by Omega Red, but his healing factor helps him and once Elektra is gone, he talks to himself saying that "The Bitch'll believe anything". He leter reveals he never loved her and he turns on the Thunderbolts, especially trying to kill Elektra. Eventually, Nick was able to kill Goblin. He was replaced with X-24 and Songbird

Goblin Returns[]

ELektra formed a friendship with Songbird, wince she was the only other girl on the team. When the Thunderbolts learned the Green Goblin was back from the dead, Elektra was acting strange. She pretended not to care. She even seduced Deadpool and they had sex. They then formed a relationship, but Deadpool was actually sincere. Eventually Elektra got a chance to fight Goblin and she got her anger out, returning to the Thunderbolts.