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Enchantress (Heroic).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Amora
Alias Temptress
Age ~
Species Asgardian
Production details
First appearance "Thor and the Knights #3"


Growing up on the Streets of Asgard[]

Amora grew up on the streets, trying to take care of her sick mother. Her mother was a sorceress and she taught Amora her tricks. When she was fifteen, her mother died and she became enraged. She took her magic powers and decided to make Asgard pay for not helping her.


Amora was visited by the Prince of Asgard, Thor after she sent a snake to Odin's bedroom. He warned her not to mess with forces more powerful than her. She attempts to seduce him, and it almost worked. He recovered just in time to threaten her should she attack his father again.


One day Amora met the warrior named Skurge. She was successful in seducing him and after she kissed him he was put under her spell. He became her slave called the Executioner and would do anything to make her happy.


When the fire demon Surtur returned to Asgard, Enchantress and Executioner attampted to fight him, but they were both killed by his fire demon army.