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Vital statistics
Real name Amora
Alias Sorceress, Demon Queen
Age (Biologically) 36 (Chronologically) 9,999,789,678,997
Species Asgardian
Production details
First appearance "Thor #4"


Early Life[]

On Asgard, Amora was a homeless girl, but still loved very much by her King. One day when Thor was playing a game with his friends he ran into Amora. He asked her what was wrong and she told him that she had no place to live. Thor offered her a room in the castle and she thanked him, giving him a kiss.

Life in the Castle[]

With Amora living in the Castle she was treated like a daughter by Odin. She fell in love with Thor, and he was starting to fall in love with her too. One day Loki came to her and used his magic on her to warp her mind into wanting Thor all to herself, but is willing to do anything to get it.


Amora left the castle to study sorcery and she mastered dark magic. When she returned, she learned that Thor had been exiled to Earth. She then teamed up with Loki to wreak havoc on all of reality, but she occasionally turned on him and worked with Thor.