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Faith (JLI).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Faith Zatara
Alias Fate
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "New Ways to Die"



Faith's father was not around for her childhood because he left Zatanna after impregnating her. She knew she would be capable of raising a child on her own. She trained Faith in the powers of sorcery and they had a close bond as mother and daughter.

Justice League[]

When Darkseid invaded, he killed Zatanna as one of the first Justice Leaguers. Faith joined the new Justice League in an attempt to avenge her mother.

Power of Fate[]

When Faith was on a mission with Dr. Fate, a hole was blown through his stomach. His dying words to faith were "Avenge me, Faith". He embedded her with his powers, making her as powerful as him. However, she refused to put on the helmet because she was afraid she would be consumed by it.