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Fandral (Heroic).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Fandral
Alias Fred Armstrong
Age ~
Species Asgardians
Production details
First appearance "Thor and the Knights #1"


Asgardian Knights[]

Fandral, along with the rest of the Warriors Three, joined the Asgardian Knights with Thor after they had gone on many adventures together.

Thor's Exile[]

After Loki had become King of Asgard, Thor was exiled to Earth. Fandral and the rest of the Knights, minus Loki, used the Bifrost Bridge to travel to Earth and retrieve Thor. He also assisted them in defeating the Destroyer Armor.


When Asgard and Earth began melding into one, Fandral and the other Knights joined forces with the Avengers in order to fight and defeat the fire demon Surtur. They were successufl, though Fandral was not a huge help in the final battle.